I’ve had this domain for around a year+ now, and yet I haven’t actually blogged yet. It’s all the anxiety of a fresh, beautiful, untouched, blank journal/notebook, but times a million because it’s also public. Such pressure! Ack.

But whatever. I really struggle with actually doing (or finishing) things because I can’t do them up to my own standards… which, of course, ends up with me doing nothing, which is far worse than doing a thing imperfectly.  “Great is the enemy of good” and so on.

So, instead of not doing anything with this until I have the perfect plan with the perfect essays, I’m going to just write the things I want to share with people, in whatever rambley, grammatically messy manner that I finger-vomit the words in that day. I officially declare this place to NOT be a place of polished prose or coherent essays or any other such thing.

Just a blog, where I post stuff that is too long/multimedia-y for FB or that I want to be a bit more searchable or whatever. So, this definitely wont be an example of my actual capabilities of a writer. But will hopefully at least be an example of me ACTUALLY WRITING things!

Now let’s see how many times I’ll have to re-read this post when I go to write subsequent ones but get frustrated at how ~*unprofessional*~ or ~*unpolished*~ they are. JUST SHUT UP AND HIT PUBLISHED, AMEYA!